Point & Shoot 028

February 19th, 2017 by

The last month or so from the eye of the Fuji.

Ricky C posted up whilst one of the crew get a clip.

A perfect golden hour moment in Melbourne.

Lush piece in Richmond.

You have to search every piece of this place.

The things you see in the hidden parts of this city.

I think I prefer the guys trying to clean my windscreen at the lights.

Clouds are amazing. Travelling to Brisbane.

Beenleigh, QLD.

If you ride, you have to have a roller in your life.

Probably the sketchiest drains I’ve been to, fun spot to ride though.

Hot days stacking clips.

Sending it.


Skating is fun.

Adelaide squad in town.

Vocko is a beast.

Heated days with the boys.

First time in 6 weeks I rode the bike, definitely need to do it more often.

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