Point & Shoot 021

January 8th, 2016 by

Point and Shoot images from my Fuji over the past couple weeks. Some from a trip to Sydney I took along with some back home in Melbourne.

I seem to see a burnt out car every long trip I take, this one was probably the craziest since it had hit a tree and exploded, hopefully everyone was ok. Somewhere near Orbost in Victoria.

When driving to Sydney I stopped just past Goulburn to eat dinner on the side of the road. This cat emerge out of the bushes and did’t stop meowing the entire time.

Good friend Chris Bracamonte from the USA is staying with me at the moment. We told him that open wounds in Australia are very bad because maggots will grow in them from flys, he kind of freaked out and washed it out a few times to make sure he was ok.

One of the best to do it is back!

Random tag at an abandoned cheese factory some place some where.

Bald Hill lookout.

Kiama Lighthouse.

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