Point and Shoot 026

July 3rd, 2016 by

Dump 2 of shots from my USA adventure. More to come.

Ever since this pool was dug up again I’ve wanted to trek to it, I wasn’t disappointed.
_DSF5348 _LR

There seem to be a tonne of cars posted up in The Valley that people were living out of.
_DSF5353 _LR

Cruising the streets with Wolfy.
_DSF5356 _LR

This security guard was so mad even though the place had no spots.
_DSF5366 _LR

The daily roller exercise.

New kicks.

Jourdan Barba murdered this spot.

Draining pools in the heat is worth the heat stroke.

Pool number 2 for the day, no draining needed.

Bracamonte and Bernie couldn’t handle it.

Was fortunate enough to meet Stephen Murray before he moved back to the UK. Such a nice guy.

Stuck in traffic, may as well shoot your surroundings.

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