Croydon House


Before / After Real Estate House Photos

July 27th, 2021 by

I don’t remember what sparked this project but I really like the idea of documenting something like a house before and after it goes through a change. In this day and age it seems every second house is getting demolished and 3 units go up. So for a few years now I’ve been documenting houses I come across that I think will get flattened at some stage and then shoot the house again after it goes through the change.

This house went down and back up pretty quick, 6 months in between photos – Kilsyth

House Kilsyth

This next house was actually the very first house I shot when I had the idea, it was 2 years and a half years in between images – Croydon South

I was actually surprised when this house was fenced up, it din’t look that bad but I guess the price was right. It’s actually pretty much opposite the first house I posted, just a few years different – Croydon South

Croydon House

Croydon House

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